The training is meant for all people who deal with the training and development of others.

In the course of the training the participants will learn and will learn to consider

  • the characteristics of an adult learner
  • the main processes of training activity (group and learning processes)
  • the basic skills and effective training methods

The aim of the course is to develop the participants' training skills and teach them to get better results as trainers, using effective teaching methods.


  • contemporary views on teaching and learning, whollistic learning
  • the roles and tasks of a trainer teaching adults, principal skills for fulfilling these tasks
  • the characteristics of an adult learner
  • favorable conditions for learning, goal-setting in teaching
  • important processes in teaching
  • how to take into account group processes in teaching
  • development hindrances and resistance, how to deal with them
  • how to prepare a training course
  • how to begin and set goals, how to motivate the learners
  • how to deliver information during the course, including clear self- expression, visualizing, compiling of study materials
  • teaching methods that enhance learning, activating methods (interactive lectures, demos, group discussions, brain-storms, exercises)
  • how to use exercises (choice of exercises, warming-up, instructions, feedback)
  • finishing the training, use of home-tasks
  • what trainers should do after the course

As the result of the training the participants

  • are aware of the role and tasks of an adults' trainer
  • know how to set goals for the course and compile the programme taking into account the needs of the group
  • are able to plan their actions beforehand and involve the trainees in the training
  • know and consider the particularities of group-learning, are capable of influencing group processes for supporting the effect of the training
  • recognize resistance and know how to deal with it
  • know how to give and take feedback
  • know how to spare themselves during the course, avoid stress and minimize tensions