The aim of the training is to acquire the basic skills for public presentations.

As the result of the training the participants will be more aware of the psychological factors of presentations, their skills of preparing for presentations and presenting themselves in public will increase and they will be more confident while presenting.


  • preparations for the presentation
  • how to start
  • how to ground your opinions and statements
  • conduct in front of the public, understandable and persuasive speech
  • how to conclude
  • how to use additional materials and technical devices
  • fear of public and how to overcome it
  • how to answer questions and react to resistance

The training lasts for 2 days. We offer a 1-day training for those who have taken SELF management or customer service trainings!

For groups of 8-12 people.

Methods: Short theoretical lectures, group discussions and exercises (with video-feedback). Course materials.