Sociometry and Shadow | 24 Apr 17

On April 21-23 the first Nordic Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy trainers’ conference „Sociometry and Shadow“ was held.

Becoming more International is continually important to us | 27 Jan 17

For the past three years we have held leadership and team trainings for quite many international companies that work in English.

SELF is on Facebook! | 10 Oct 16

Recently we opened our Facebook page to connect with friends, to exchange news of our field, share thoughts and ideas.

Come take a look! 

A fresh breath of air from Australia | 30 Aug 16

In August we learned role training and role analysis from an old friend, Sue Daniel (Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne).

SELF II’s development camp | 08 Aug 16

As a tradition, on the first Thursday and Friday of August our team got together.

Lessons about network | 13 Jun 16

For this spring, the conferences and annual meetings of the international organisations using action methods, are over. We went to the Nordic Board in Oslo, in FEPTO in Marathon and in PiFE in Berlin.

Interesting. Different. On important topics. Practical. | 30 Mar 16

Such were our opinions regarding SELF's internal training in March. Under the supervision of specialists we designed our services and got acquainted with service design and through the exercises of creative writing sniffed positive psychology. In other words, dug into what wears us out and how to move on with our strengths.

We have the youngest T.E.P. in the world!!! | 22 Feb 16

SELFs Endel Hango received the highest possible acknowledgement as Trainer.Educator.Practitioner. in the field of active development methods, psychodrama, group psychotherapy and sociometry.

Our renewed strategy | 01 Feb 16

During our traditional last year-end strategy seminar we decided to set more precise focuses for this year.

Development program for new managers | 22 Jan 16

We offer our 4-day intensive and practical training for new managers as a public course!

SELF turned 26 | 12 Oct 15

We learned about managing emotions | 21 Sep 15

Renewed qualification certificates | 29 Jun 15

In June our leading trainers Karin Hango and Vahur Murutar renewed their qualification certificates as communication trainers on the highest level.

This time we learned at the Drama School | 16 Jun 15

From 10 to13 June the creator of play-back theatre Jonathan Fox from USA held a workshop on creative group leading in Tallinn. However, we didn’t really focus on the art of drama.

Psychodrama Institute accepted as a member of FEPTO | 11 May 15

At the beginning of May we participated in the FEPTO conference „Fame and Shame“ in Bonn, where the transgenerational effect (the ways traumas pass on from generation to generation) of breaking historical events was studied.

The quality of trainers, coaches and supervisors | 22 Apr 15

From April 17 to19 the Nordic Board of Examiners, which arranges the examination and certification of trainers using action methods and sociometry, met in Riga.

Quality and ethics demands were confirmed by the general meeting of the Training and Development Company's Association  (Koolitus- ja Konsultatsioonifirmade Liit) | 20 Feb 15

On 18 February the general meeting of the Training and Development Company’s Association accepted the ethics code and confirmed the minimal quality demands.

Kate Bradshaw-Tauvon trained us | 03 Feb 15

Endel Hango became certified supervisor and coach | 10 Dec 14

Endel Hango completed the supervisor and coach programme for CP and TEP level psychodramatist in the Helsinki Psychodrama Institute.

Food Festival 2014 | 06 Oct 14

On 4 October the annual SELF’s Food Festival was held.

Updated quality system | 22 Apr 14

In april we updated our quality system and agreed upon the main quality indicators which should be followed.

Nordic Board harmonises and describes standards | 22 Apr 14

The Nordic Board of Examiners in Psychodrama,  Sociomerty and Group Psychotherapy met in Stockholm on April 4-6 in extended composition.

We went, we saw, we did | 08 Apr 14

SELF II visited Portugal at the end of March. 

It's time to move on | 29 May 13

After eleven years in the neighborhood of the University of Tartu, at the end of May SELF II  moves into new premises – into the center of Tasku.

In our party of nostalgia, we decided that we want to take with us the spirit and the people of SELF, the homely atmosphere of the old rooms, fun and laughter, success and happiness, excitement, the intention to get things done, the illuminating moments, courage, self-confidence, the art collection ... and of course our dear customers and partners.

We try to leave behind the dense hours, routine and boredom, low flight, incomprehensible hurrying and unnecessary scrabbling.

Investigating the Sources of innovation | 29 May 13

In the last week of April, Karin Hango, the creative director of SELF II and Vahur Murutar, the manager of SELF II, participated in the workshop of Surrealistic Psychodrama in Cologne. On the lead of Marc Treadwell, one of the founders of Surrealistic Psychodrama method, Karin and Vahur acquired the exercises of stepping out from the accustomed environment and action, also the exercises of investigating the new opportunities. Despite of the surrealistic name, the methods used in surrealistic psychodrama, are simple and helpful to start up creativity and exceed fears.

In a new way - Development Program of Leaders and Development Program of Consultants have been renewed | 29 May 13

Dependent on the continuing changes in the world and on the other hand originated form the new know-how and skills, SELF renewed the development programs of the Leaders and Consultants. We have been implemented that kind of programs (with continuous improvement) from the last century already. In the update curricula’s we have been put more stress on the development methods which can be practiced at work, we use more cases, more reflection and separate out more the role of the analyses. Essentially, more notice has been turned to topics such as EQ, coaching, self-management and self-motivation, but also innovation and immunity to change.

Updated curricula’s of Development Program of Leaders and Development Program of Consultants have been recognized by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science by giving the training licence.

Endel Hango carried out a workshop at VII Baltic Moreno Conference | 28 Aug 12

Endel Hango carried out play-back workshop "Bringing out the war within" at VII Baltic Moreno Conference "People's Stories" which took place on 23.-26.08 at Cultural Centre "Salme" in Tallinn. is our new co-partner | 28 Aug 12

Training and consultation company SELF II helps to use system and gives suggestions on working out an assessment system for the company.

Sunset on a boat | 05 May 11

26th April the SELF team went for a boat ride on a flooding Emajõgi.

How to support changes? | 28 Mar 11

The director of SELF II Vahur Murutar attended the Minds-at-Work training session in Cambridge, where they learned how to turn the immunity-to-change.

Graduating INSEAD | 24 Mar 11


17th March our creative director Karin Hango got a long-awaited feedback that her research paper about the importance of activity and reflection in carrying out and developing changes has been acknowledged to be worthy of a diploma in clinical organisational psychology. She is more than welcome to continue her studies in the Master’s degree.